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How to distinguish the quality of ceramic tableware?

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1. Don't touch the smooth ones

Touch the surface of the ceramic tableware. If the flower body on the top is protruding, it can be simply judged as an overglaze color, but it also needs to be specific whether the surface and the glaze body are smooth. If they are relatively rough, then it means "Not cooked", it is best not to buy such products. If you are very concerned about lead and cadmium issues, it is best to avoid buying tableware with flowers or flowers on the inner wall. Although qualified products are harmless, this can be more foolproof.

2. Don't look at the pores

In addition to paying attention to safety issues, the performance of ceramic tableware is also important. It is recommended that you place the tableware diagonally against the light, so that when the light is hit on it, the flaws on it can be seen. Anything with small pores, protrusions, slag, and uneven bottom of the cup will be given to you. It is inconvenient to use and clean in the future, it is best not to buy.


3. Uneven undercut is not good

Products such as bowls, cups and plates must also be tested for their flatness, which is also strictly stipulated in national standards. The commonly used inspection method is to buckle the tableware upside down on a flat glass table to see if the tableware mouth is upside down or uneven. You can also stack the same bowls and cups together. A product with good appearance should be able to fit tightly, picking up one or even the other. But the poor quality may be skewed or even unable to stack up.

4. The knock is not clear and there are cracks

The sound of striking high-quality ceramic tableware should be crisp and sweet. However, some products have cracks on the body and the surface cannot be seen. You can tap them before buying. If this is the case, they will make a muddy sound, which can be easily distinguished by everyone.


Summary: In fact, as long as the ceramic tableware in the formal sales channels, most of them should be qualified, because these products can be circulated, it proves to be tested. However, some small companies still cut corners and produce low-quality products in the market. Some consumers are often greedy for cheap. Buying cheap ceramic tableware in a place where there is no supervision such as the morning market may be "successful." However, it is common in towns and villages to walk the streets and alleys, pushing cars and carrying burdens. Be even more cautious.

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