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How to disinfect tableware effectively?

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Today, when people are increasingly pursuing a healthy life, some life details have attracted more and more attention. Family hygiene is very concerned by many friends, especially how to ensure the hygiene of tableware. Here are some points to note for tableware disinfection.

1. Develop good hygiene habits

In daily life, pay attention to develop good personal hygiene habits, especially wash your hands before and after eating. If you don’t wash your hands after going to the bathroom, your hands will become a source of pollution. If you touch tableware again, it will cause tableware damage Pollution.


2. Steam disinfection

The tableware can be sterilized with steam. Put the tableware on the basket, cover the lid and steam it. When the water boils, steam it for about 30 minutes. Then take the natural cooling method to cool the tableware before use.

3. Boiling water disinfection

This is also a method that everyone often uses, which is to put the tableware in a pot, add tap water, and spread the water over the tableware. Bring to a boil. After the water boils, let it boil for about 30 minutes. Then it can be used after natural cooling.

4. Infrared disinfection

Nowadays, there are disinfection cabinets of one kind or another on the market. The most common one is infrared disinfection cabinets. It is also very suitable for home use, convenient and reliable. When using the disinfection cabinet, read the instructions carefully and operate as required.


5. Disinfect with sunlight

This is especially true in summer when the sun is strong. Put the washed tableware in the sun for about forty minutes to achieve disinfection. But be careful not to be contaminated by mosquitoes, dust, etc. during the sun.

6. Regular disinfection

Attention should be paid to controlling diseases from the mouth to this threshold to prevent diseases caused by contaminated tableware. So the tableware should be disinfected regularly, habitually and normalized. Generally speaking, the tableware should be disinfected every half month.

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