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How to disinfect tableware during the new crown pneumonia epidemic?

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If you can use physical methods, do not use chemical disinfectants. Hot water at 56 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes can kill the new crown virus. In this case, physical heating and disinfection methods can be used as much as possible for tableware. Disinfection of tableware should also consider other microorganisms with strong resistance, so it is recommended to boil water for 10 minutes.


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When chemical disinfectants are used for air disinfection, they must be used in an unmanned indoor environment. Outdoor air disinfection is not necessary. The surfaces of the external environment, such as roads, squares, and lawns, should not be sprayed with disinfectant repeatedly. Airplanes should be avoided to spray disinfectant widely. If there is a clear local environment contaminated by the source of infection, use disinfectant as a disposable The terminal disinfection is sufficient. Repeated spraying of disinfectant on a large area poses the risk of environmental pollution and should be avoided. Spraying a large amount of disinfectant on the human body, including forcing it through the disinfection channel, may cause the disinfectant to be inhaled through breathing and absorbed through the skin. In this case, there may be a risk of harm to human health. Hand disinfection requires special hand disinfectant, which is safe to use multiple times a day.

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