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How to choose your own baking tools for baking novices (1)?

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The so-called one is as deep as the sea, and the wallet is a passerby ever since. How to choose baking equipment, it is said that if you want to make a beautiful cake, how can you lack baking equipment? Today I will tell you how to choose baking equipment.

The first equipment: scraper

Silicone spatula, also called "rubber spatula" or "cake spatula", is mainly made of silicone material. It is generally used to stir liquid ingredients such as batter. Because the blade is relatively soft, it can also be glued to the utensil. Scrap the ingredients clean.

Baking tools

(1) Benefits of scraper

①. When using a spatula to transfer the batter to the appliance, because the blade is soft and elastic, it can easily scrape the egg-beating basin cleanly along the wall of the egg-beating basin! No drop is wasted~

②. Generally, when mixing the egg yolk paste and meringue paste evenly, use a spatula with correct gestures to ensure that our cake paste does not defoam and increase the success rate! But, pay attention. PS: (When mixing the cake batter, generally do not use a whisk to stir, because it is easy to stir the flour out of the ribs. When using a spatula to mix the cake batter, do not use excessive force or use a circular method to stir, but use cutting and mixing/ The method of mixing is to prevent the flour from becoming gluten.)

③. When making butter cakes, with the help of a rubber spatula and a cake spatula, the surface of the butter can be smoothed and the cake can be beautifully dressed.

④. Since silica gel is a heat-resistant material, it can also be used as a "shovel" for non-stick pans. It is very useful when making muffins and cakes!

(2) Choose the type of scraper

There are three types of scrapers to buy: integrated scrapers, split scrapers, and silicone scrapers. The body type scraper, the handle is generally supported by steel bars, so the scraper is relatively heavier. Split scrapers are mostly plastic/wood split handles, which are more fancy and light, but they need to be cleaned separately. Obsessive-compulsive disorder can't tolerate things that are not clean, so for split scrapers, I still recommend buying an integrated silicone scraper, which can save a lot of cleaning tools. The silicone scraper is easy to clean, not easy to deform, and takes a long time.

(3) How to choose "silicone scraper"

①: The softness of the scraping head has a great influence on whether the batter can be scraped clean at one time; in the mixing process, it directly affects the speed of the mixing and the degree of fusion. After testing, the scraping head is too hard to affect the efficiency of scraping the batter and the efficiency of mixing. Of course, it does not mean that the softer the spatula, the better. The purpose of the spatula is different, and the required hardness is also different: general hard batter... such as cookies, you need a spatula with a harder blade; like cake batter The soft "fragile" type requires a scraper with a soft head.

②: When purchasing a scraper, pay attention to the handle must be long and thick enough to use it more effectively. The feel of the handle is more subjective, but a handle that is too thin and too short is difficult to gain strength. If the handle is made of poor quality plastic or wood products, it is not only easy to cut the hand, but also has poor bearing capacity and is easy to be broken. According to the actual situation, you can prepare two silicone scrapers, one large and one small, to match the needs of different capacities.

(4) Baking pan, grilling net, anti-scald gloves

These three-piece sets are usually equipped when buying a steaming oven, but the quality needs to be assessed on the bakeware and anti-scalding gloves. Most breads, biscuits, and cakes need to be baked on a baking tray, so prepare more than 2 pieces. Material: enamel is better (non-stick and easy to clean). Anti-scald gloves can be purchased according to the size of the individual's palm. There are many shapes to choose from. Recommended: high temperature resistance, waterproof and breathable.

Baking tools

(5) Scraper

The softness of the scraper has a direct effect on the mixing speed and fusion speed. The scraper is divided into: split scraper and integrated scraper. The split scraper needs to be cleaned separately, and the integrated scraper does not need.

(6) Flour sieve

The flour sieve is an indispensable tool for baking. It can not only ensure that the flour material is not agglomerated, but also mix a lot of air into the flour, helping the flour to be better integrated into other materials.

At the same time, the baking powder materials and various types of milk fat must be sieved, so that the finished product tastes more delicate and free of impurities.

Sifting the flour can not only remove the small flour particles in the flour, but also make the flour more bulky, which is good for mixing. For desserts like cakes and biscuits, sieving flour with 40 mesh or 60 mesh is better.

(7) Egg separator

Eggs in baking are generally used separately from the yolk and the white. Using the egg separator will not damage the organization of the yolk, and the yolk will flow into the egg white, which will easily cause the egg white to fail to beat.

(8) Egg beater

It is used to hold all kinds of raw materials. We all know that a good egg-beater is needed whether to make cookies or cream desserts. First, the egg-beating basin should be deep enough to avoid splashing when mixing the egg liquid and flour. Secondly, it must be light and strong enough. Generally, stainless steel basins are used daily in households, which are not only light and fast in heat conduction, but also extremely strong and not broken, which saves effort when making batter. If it is mixed with the tableware in the home, it will cause the finished product to smell, and the cream and egg white will be better in the stainless steel egg beater or glass egg beater.

(9) Cooking basin

This is a container used to load whipped egg liquid and grease, and it has a high usage rate. The quantity should be at least two or more, stainless steel and glass products are better, and the shape is cylindrical round basin, which is more convenient to operate.

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