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How to choose kitchen utensils? Can silicone tableware work?

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In our daily life, we will inevitably deal with kitchen utensils and kitchen utensils. In the face of white ceramic dishes and metal shovel, it will inevitably produce some tastelessness. Therefore, according to the freshness of consumers, plastic, TPE, wood and other materials are gradually used. After entering the kitchen, silicone tableware is slowly added, bringing more sense of ceremony and good mood to our daily life. So what are the advantages and benefits of silicone tableware in our lives?

Compared with plastic heavy metals, its main advantage is that it does not have any toxicity or odor. As the only material that can reach environmental protection medical grade among rubber and plastic materials, silicone tableware can directly contact the human body without any harm, so it is also listed. As one of our daily necessities, it is very popular among consumers.

As a dinner plate, pot and bowl, it is the same exquisite as ceramics, the same as hardware, and the same category as plastic. It is more harmonious with life, so it can be widely used as silicone bowls, silicone pots and other tableware products, as silicone cooking products In other words, it has a unique side. It can be combined with nylon, metal or plastic for secondary vulcanization. It is suitable for outdoor low-temperature cooking, outdoor barbecue, household spoon and shovel, etc.


What are the advantages of using silicone tableware:

1.It is environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic, can be in contact with food and meals normally, and can enter the oral cavity. It is customized and processed with pure natural food-grade silicone raw materials. It is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, safe and secure.

2. It can withstand high and low temperatures, and it can reach about 240 degrees under normal circumstances. The silica gel bowls can be directly put into the microwave oven for use, and they are not affected by the material properties for boiling water cleaning.

3. The material is flexible and tough. The silicone kitchenware manufacturers use paste-like solid silicone for processing and molding. The vulcanization of the product has been completely fixed during the production process, and different hardnesses can be used for production customization.

4. The color is diversified, and it can be made into single color or double color or even multiple colors. Silicone kitchen utensils are usually single color. Different colors can be selected during the production process, and the Pantone color number and color are used for production.


5. Convenient cleaning. After practical use, use water and detergent to easily clean non-stick pans and non-stick dishes. The excellent hydrophobicity allows it to dry quickly after cleaning. The difference from normal ceramic dishes is that they are not easily damaged during the cleaning process.

6. Anti-drop and anti-skid, tableware will inevitably bump and bump, and the silicone material is not used by children or middle-aged and elderly people but is broken and bumped. It completely solves the problem of fragility and has good anti-skid and wear resistance.

7. Convenient storage, necessary for traveling on land, outdoor dining, foldable storage, can also be folded and contracted arbitrarily, convenient to carry and store, occupy a small area, can be opened directly when using.

Nowadays, the kitchenware industry has already listed silicone materials as precedents. More and more consumers choose to use silicone materials as tableware. The silicone products industry is also becoming more and more prosperous. Many daily necessities choose to use silicone materials for custom processing, kitchenware series Already occupied a category.

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