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How to choose kitchen knives?

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When decorating the kitchen, we will consider adding some things, such as knives. Knives are to satisfy our cooking life. There are various types of knives, different materials, and different functions. How to choose the right kitchen knives?

1. The material of the knife

When buying a kitchen knife, the material is a very important measure, it directly affects your experience of use and maintenance. Common materials for kitchen knives include 400 series stainless steel, 304 stainless steel and zirconia ceramics. The stainless steel kitchen knife is not easy to rust, but the material is relatively soft, and the sharpness is slightly worse. The ceramic kitchen knives that have been popular before are actually good. The disadvantage is that they are not easy to use and are not resistant to falling.


2. The style of the knife

Yes, kitchen knives also have different styles, but Chinese, European and Japanese styles are often seen. Chinese-style kitchen knives are typical wide cleavers, which are used for cutting vegetables. European-style kitchen knives are mostly slender, while Japanese-style kitchen knives are more slender than European-style ones, which are convenient for cutting raw dishes such as sashimi.

3. How to use the knife

The usage of the kitchen knife is also very differentiated, and it can also be used with a cutting board. For the Chinese wide kitchen knife, it is suitable for matching with solid wood cutting boards, which is convenient for cutting bones. It can also be used with plastic cutting boards. Compared to the Japanese style, the European style kitchen knife should be used by more people. It is very convenient for cutting vegetables and fruits.


Selection suggestion: The choice of kitchen knives can be selected according to their own needs. Not counting fruit knives, many families generally prepare two kitchen knives. If families rarely chop bones and more ribs, of course it is lighter. In addition, when choosing a kitchen knife, you should also pay attention to the grip of the handle, and hold it comfortably and not tiring your hands.

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