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How long can baby silicone spoons be used?

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It is best to use food-grade silicone spoons for baby spoons. Silicone is a commonly used raw material for pacifiers. It is soft in texture and will not harm the baby’s delicate gums. It has good elasticity, is not easy to deform, can resist the baby’s chewing, and is safe in material. , There will be no leakage of harmful substances. It should be pointed out that the silicone soft-tip spoon usually refers to the silicone material on the head of the spoon. The spoon is not silicone material, and generally uses PP material. Attention should be paid to choosing a baby spoon that can be sterilized by high temperature, has a smooth edge without burrs and is not sharp.

Silicone spoon

Features and advantages:

The appearance is two-color, the inner and outer colors complement each other, there is no gap, the surface is smooth, and the hand feels comfortable.

The soft high-strength silicone material can be used for a variety of foods for a long time and is very suitable for restaurants.

It feels comfortable and easy to clean. It can be cleaned by washing with water and can be used repeatedly.

The soft, non-toxic, environmentally friendly silicone material can directly touch the skin without any harm.

Long-lasting washing, reusable, easy to clean, just wipe gently to restore cleanliness.

High-toughness material, with good elongation and resilience ability, using high-strength fumed raw materials to produce and process customization.

Silicone spoon

Silicone spoons have a good function in terms of function, can prevent falling, and have good flexibility, are very prominent for color and feel, so they are suitable for most children's tableware. The advantage of silicone spoons is that Most plastics have a wider temperature range, which can be used in microwave ovens, ovens, and can be steamed and sterilized; on silicon spoons, it has the advantages of resistance to cleaning, not easy to stain, and not easy to chemically react with external substances.

The silicone baby spoon is a new product that has only appeared in recent years. It has the advantages of environmental protection and colorful colors. It is made of food-grade silicone, non-toxic and harmless, and can be used with confidence! Control disadvantages: Since the silicone spoon is relatively soft, it will not cause harm to the baby. Compared with the problem that the ceramic material is easily broken, the silicone spoon can be safely thrown on the ground. However, the silicone spoon also has its disadvantages. Its price is a bit more expensive than traditional materials.

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