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How big is the baby's drinking glass?

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Babies do not like to drink water, which is one of the most troublesome problems for mothers. Especially in a dry season like winter.

As soon as the baby lacks water in the body, it is easy to get sick, so the water cup becomes a must-have item in the mother's bag, ready to take out and chase the baby to feed water.

But a closer look reveals that many babies have chosen the wrong water cup, and many of them are drinking from a bottle.

I can’t go on like this, I’m sorry, Ya Ya’s mother has committed another occupational disease...

So, today we will talk to you about the baby water cup.


Learn to use cups after half a year

The American Academy of Pediatrics (APA) proposes three more critical time points for the use of drinking utensils for babies:

You should start learning to use cups after 6 months, stop using bottles before 1 year old, and completely quit bottles at the latest 18 months (1 and a half years old).

Learn to drink water from a cup

1.Promote baby development

The most important benefit is to improve the coordination of the baby's eyes, hands, and mouth, promote the development of the baby's lips, chewing and swallowing ability, and prevent the adverse effects of the baby bottle on the baby's mouth and teeth. At the same time, learning to drink from a cup is conducive to the baby's psychological and language development.

2.Reduce the risk of otitis media

Children who are accustomed to lying down and eating milk and drinking from a bottle are at higher risk of otitis media, choking and even choking. Use a cup instead, let the baby drink milk with a cup, not only help to correct the baby's habit of drinking milk while lying down, but the baby is not easy to drink and fall asleep, which reduces the milk residue in the teeth to some extent Risk of tooth decay.

3.Conducive to the development of good sleep habits

Drinking milk from a bottle before going to bed will increase the chance of waking up at night. Drinking water from a water cup is conducive to the development of good sleeping habits.


Therefore, around 6 months, whether the baby has used a bottle before, mom and dad should let the baby start learning to use a cup.

How to transition from bottle to cup?

1. Choose the water cup your baby likes

A baby is born with control over his face. If he wants him to fall in love with the water cup, then the water cup must be liked by the baby.

2. Let your baby be familiar with the new cup

My baby’s favorite cup is back, but what should I do if my baby doesn’t have to? The first thing you need to do at this time is not to force it. The more forced the more likely it is to produce the opposite effect. At this time, you can dip the mouth of the cup with water and milk to show the baby how to use the water cup; at the same time, hide the bottle so that the cup often appears in the baby's sight and in the active area, increasing the baby's familiarity with the cup.

3. Be patient

The baby is likely to be clumsy when drinking water, accidentally tipping the cup, drinking half and leaking half and so on. At this time, you can fill the cup with less water, and let the baby hold the cup by himself and drink slowly in small sips to give the baby enough time to adapt to the days without a bottle.

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