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Etiquette study of tableware usage etiquette

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In general, family tableware is divided into main tableware and auxiliary tableware. Main tableware refers to the essential tableware that is mainly used when eating. Usually when using Chinese food, the main meal to be used has chopsticks, spoons, bowls, plates, etc., auxiliary tableware, refers to the optional tableware when eating, pay attention to play an auxiliary role in the meal, the most common Chinese auxiliary tableware .There are water cups, toothpicks, wipes and so on.

The etiquette of using chopsticks.

Chopsticks are indispensable tableware during meals. The main function of chopsticks is to pick up food and dishes during meals. To use chopsticks, you must first use the correct method. Generally, you should hold the chopsticks with your right hand. Use the three fingers of your thumb, middle finger, and index finger to hold the front 1/3 of the chopsticks. When using chopsticks to take food, you need to pay attention to the following problem:


1. Don't taste chopsticks. Regardless of whether there is food remaining on the chopsticks, do not lick it. Do not do this before taking the food. It is also inappropriate to hold the chopsticks in your mouth for a long time.

2. Do not put chopsticks across. When you don’t use chopsticks temporarily, you can put it on the chopstick holder, or support it on the edge of the dishes you use. Do not put it directly on the table, let alone put it horizontally on the dishes, especially when Do not use chopsticks that have fallen on the floor on the common bowls and plates.

3. Do not insert chopsticks. When you don’t use chopsticks, put them in food, especially in dishes. According to folklore, you can only do this when offering sacrifices to your ancestors. In addition, don’t use chopsticks as a fork and use them to fork food.

Don't dance the chopsticks. When talking with people, you should temporarily put down your chopsticks, and you must not knock on bowls, plates, point each other, or hold the chopsticks in the air, as if you can't wait to pick up something other than food.

The etiquette of using spoons.

key, spoon. Also called a spoon, during meals, its main function is to scoop dishes, food, and especially liquid soup. Sometimes, eating with chopsticks can also be assisted with a spoon. Under normal circumstances, try not to use a spoon to take food alone. When taking food in a bag, it should not be overfilled, so as not to spill over and stain the table or clothes. If necessary, you can pause for a while after taking the food and wait for the soup When the juice stops flowing, move to yourself and enjoy it. Pay attention to the following four points when using a spoon:

1.When you don't use a spoon for the time being, you should put it on your own dish, don't put it directly on the table or put it on food.

2.After taking the food with a spoon, eat it immediately and do not put the food back in place again.

3. If the food you take is too hot, do not fold it with a spoon, and do not blow it with your mouth.

4. When eating the contents of the spoon, try not to put the spoon completely in your mouth or suck it repeatedly.

The etiquette of using the bowl.

The bowl is mainly used for serving staple food, soup, and other purposes during meals. There are five main etiquettes for using bowls when dining on formal occasions:

1. Do not lift the bowl to eat, especially do not lift the bowl with both hands to eat.

2. When eating the food contained in the bowl, chopsticks and spoons should be used as assistance. Do not start directly, or use your mouth without any utensils.

3. If there is leftover food in the bowl, do not pour it directly into the mouth, nor use your tongue to lick the food.


4. Do not put the bowl that is not in use on the table.

The etiquette of using plates.

Plates are also called plates. Smaller plates are called plates. Plates are mainly used in Chinese food to hold food. The use of plates is similar to that of bowls. Generally, plates should not be put together on the table. 

What needs to be emphatically introduced is a special purpose plate called a food dish. The main function of the food dish is to temporarily store the dishes taken from the common dish. Pay attention when using the food dish. The following questions:

1. Don't take too many dishes at one time, it looks both upset, and there is too much desire.

2. Don't stack multiple dishes together, maybe they will restrain each other and taste each other, not only not good-looking but also not delicious.

3. Unpleasant residues, bones, wings, do not spit on the ground, on the table, be careful not to let the residues intertwined with the dishes, making a mess.

The etiquette of using toothpicks.

Toothpicks are mainly used for picking teeth. When eating, try not to pick your teeth in public. When picking is unavoidable, you should cover your mouth with your other hand. Do not open your mouth. Don’t appreciate the removed things in public or put them back in public. In the entrance, don't play and vomit casually. After picking your teeth, do not hold the toothpicks for a long time, and do not use toothpicks to pick up food.

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