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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of these types of baby tableware?

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When adding complementary foods to babies, many mothers are considering which bowl to choose for their babies. In fact, many moms on the Internet have a variety of opinions. Some moms said that the imitation porcelain bowls are more beautiful, some said that plastic bowls are very resistant to falling, and some said that wooden bowls are better for babies’ health. This caused many mothers to wonder how to choose. In fact, when choosing tableware for your baby, in addition to considering the color, we must also pay attention to the safety of the material. There are many kinds of tableware for babies, so what kind of bowl should I choose?

1. Ceramic or glass tableware

Advantages: beautiful workmanship, good environmental protection effect

Disadvantages: It is easy to break and even cut the baby. The highest safety factor among all ceramic bowls is plain pottery, but this kind of ceramic has no brilliance and is easy to break. Therefore, many ceramic bowls now contain enamel and colored glaze, which contain many harmful elements such as lead and mercury. The baby’s nerve and organ development can cause harm, so this bowl must be used with caution.

Recommendation: Glass and ceramic tableware are easily broken, so they are not recommended for babies.

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2. Stainless steel tableware

Advantages: Good corrosion resistance, easier cleaning, less bacteria, no deformation due to residual heat, and no need to worry about breaking.

Disadvantages: Microwave ovens cannot heat this material, and many of them are hot and easy to slip. The current price of stainless steel tableware is still relatively high, and there are many fakes on the market. Once inferior stainless steel tableware is used, it will cause great harm to the baby's liver in the long run.

Recommendation: Stainless steel meals contain heavy metals chromium and chromium, so you must pay attention to the content of these two heavy metals when choosing to prevent buying fakes.

3. Wooden tableware

Advantages: The heat preservation effect is very good, and this kind of tableware is generally very delicate and rarely harms the baby.

Disadvantages: It is easy to be corroded or dry and cracked, it is more difficult to clean, and bacteria will continue to breed. And many manufacturers will apply a layer of paint on the surface, which is toxic and harmful to the baby's health.

Suggestion: If you use wooden tableware for your baby, it is best not to choose shiny or painted tableware, but use natural wooden tableware.

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4. Plastic tableware

Advantages: The current utilization rate of plastic tableware is also very high, and they are relatively high temperature resistant, and the appearance is also very beautiful, and it is not resistant to falling.

Disadvantages: Can not be cleaned with steel wire balls, once scratched, bacteria will continue to be hidden.

Suggestion: When choosing plastic tableware, it is best to choose colorless and transparent ones. In addition, do not buy those with bright colors and strong smells to prevent harm to your baby's health.

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