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Disposable crystal tableware has become an indispensable part of the catering market

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Have you ever seen a tableware that is transparent and looks like glass tableware when you eat out in a restaurant? This is our disposable crystal tableware.


Disposable crystal tableware, also known as disposable aviation tableware, has been improved since it appeared in the catering market, and now it has become an indispensable part of the catering market because of the general trend. I believe you have seen the report on traditional tableware more than once, so why is it that even the traditional disinfection tableware that has frequent problems is still in use? Because there is simply no new tableware that can replace this kind of tableware.

Whether it is hard plastic disposable tableware or the popular cornstarch disposable tableware, there are big problems. Not all want to use traditional disinfection tableware, but this is the only choice. As the only recycled tableware in the catering market, its profit is imaginable.

The cost of disinfection of traditional disinfection tableware is too high, which has led to the emergence of black-hearted manufacturers that reduce the disinfection steps and reduce the cost to make a huge profit. The tableware has stains and rice residues that are not opened, and there is no disinfection packaging date. These are common problems.


Many small restaurants can save two to three labors by using traditional disinfection tableware, so they can save a lot of money every year, so they don't care if there is a problem with the tableware. Anyway, even if there is a problem with the tableware, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer. This is the idea of most small restaurant owners. However, they have not considered the consumer's opinion at all. Who will dare to eat in your restaurant in the future if the tableware is not clean. Some hotel owners are forced to be helpless, even if they don't want to use it, they still have to consider the cost of the hotel, and they have no alternative but to start collaborating. As a result, consumers will always be the victims.

But now it's different, disposable crystal tableware is here. Disposable crystal tableware, with high transparency, you can clearly see whether there is a problem with the tableware, and the ultra-high hardness will not be damaged during use. It is made in a sterile and dust-free workshop to be molded at a high temperature of 260°C, and it is also sterilized by ultraviolet rays when leaving the factory. Strict testing can better protect consumers. Lower than the cost price of traditional disinfection tableware, it can also make restaurant owners like disposable crystal tableware.

Disposable crystal tableware can also be recycled for industrial use after use, to make industrial products such as car lampshades, TV casings, wall insulation materials and so on. This avoids the possibility of tableware entering the catering market again. Therefore, the sterile tableware that was once selected without options will gradually be eliminated by the market. For this tableware. Would you choose to use

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