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Did you use all the bread knives right?

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1. Serrated bread knife

This is at least a handful of friends who play baking, cutting cakes, cutting bread...

Not as decisively as cutting vegetables, but sawing back and forth.

There are quite a few brands of serrated knives on the market, and I have successively bought ten of them over the years. When I first played with baking, I didn’t understand the importance of a knife. I bought it casually. When I used it to cut bread, I found that the cut surface was rough and there was a lot of scum. I have always suspected that there is a problem with my work. Later I communicated with my friends and found that choosing a good knife is very important. Although it is impossible to cut out the bad bread, it can ensure the smoothness and flatness of the cut surface. Find the problem easily.

Cut bread

2. Wallpaper knife

It seems that this knife has nothing to do with food processing, but it is actually very useful for making crisp bread. We all know that shortbread is wrapped in oil to separate the dough layer by layer, and the emphasis is on layering. If the knife is not sharp when sculpting, it cannot guarantee that the dough will be cut at once, which may cause layers of cuts to stick together and affect the shape. The wallpaper knife is very sharp. Whether it is thick golden brick dough or thin croissant dough, it can be cut quickly and neatly without any muddy or sticky layers.

3. Bread shaping knife

It is mainly used for cutting the European package. The blade is thin and sharp, and has a certain arc. It can cut the dough quickly, and the angle of the cut can be adjusted according to the shape. If you want the dough to split evenly on both sides or open ears on one side It can be satisfied.

Of course, not having a good knife can guarantee the success of the cutting, but other links are also required. This is something to be said.

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4. Surgical blade

As the name suggests, this is a medical thing, how can it be used to make bread?

When making soft dough cuts, the scalpel blade is definitely a "sharp tool"-sharp, advantageous and particularly powerful! It is extremely sharp and can cut openings in the dough crisply. The shaving blade can also be used for this job, but from my long-term experience, the surgical blade is better for soft-pack cutting. When making European-style bread that needs to be cut evenly, such as country bread with cross or tic-tac-toe opening, the scalpel blade is also suitable, but for baguettes and the like, it is not as good as the bread shaping knife used by Ou Bao.

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