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Baby tableware can not be wrong

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For a baby, tableware is more than just serving or eating. The right tableware can make your baby fall in love with eating and develop good habits. In life, parents choose tableware for their children, not only considering the material, but also the style. The main point of stay is whether the tableware is exquisite. But in fact, the most important thing in choosing tableware should be to pay attention to safety.


So which tableware is not suitable for babies?

1. Color tableware

Bright and bright colors are of course difficult to attract babies' attention, so exquisite and beautiful tableware can be said to be everywhere on the market. But the problem is that this kind of tableware is usually gold and jade. Among them, the pigment contains a certain amount of lead and some of it contains cadmium. If the food is stored, the metal substance in the tableware will enter the human body with the food, causing poisoning. It is undoubtedly very harmful to the baby's health.

2.Fragile tableware

Taking into account that the baby is young, the small hands are naturally clumsy, so the miss rate is very high. The broken tableware will cause waste and scratch the baby, and it is easy to lose the baby's confidence in learning to eat by himself. Therefore, let your baby use as little as possible for easily broken tableware, and choose regular and safe imitation porcelain and plastic tableware, which are relatively suitable.

3. Western-style tableware

There is a safety hazard if the baby touches western tableware too early, because the knives and forks in the western tableware are hard and sharp, which can easily puncture the baby’s lips and cause injury. In addition, stainless steel tableware should not hold salt, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. for a long time.

4.Shared tableware

Many people are lazy and let the baby use adult tableware to save money, but the tableware used by adults is not suitable for the baby in terms of size or weight. Oversized tableware will make it more difficult for the baby to learn to eat on his own, and it is also very difficult to do so. Unsanitary.


The selection principle of baby tableware:

1.The most important thing is to pay attention to the brand to ensure that the materials and colors are pure, safe and non-toxic.

2. Since it is a tableware for babies, it should reflect the characteristics of small, chic, practical and convenient. The design should be humanized, rounded, anti-scratch; anti-leakage, hygienic, and easy to carry out.

3. Choose tableware that is not easy to be brittle, aging, beaten and can withstand bumps, and is not easy to fray during the rubbing process.

4. Choose utensils with no painted patterns on the inside, and don't choose painted utensils.

How to disinfect the baby's tableware?

The more commonly used methods are high-temperature disinfection, namely, boiling water for disinfection (2-5 minutes) and steam disinfection (steam cabinet, disinfection for 5-10 minutes). Children's tableware disinfection cabinets have special disinfection cabinets on the market, which save time and worry, are not suitable for plastic tableware, and are prone to odor and decomposition of ingredients.

When the baby starts to add supplementary food, the parents need to carefully choose the tableware for the children. The most important thing is a safety issue, after all, it is related to the baby's physical and mental health.

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