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Are you still confused about the disinfection of children's tableware

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The "disease from the mouth" is a concern for everyone, especially for parents with children. The breeding of virus is very fast. Many parents do pay attention to food hygiene, butthe baby's tableware hygiene is ignored.Children are vulnerable to diarrhea, abdominal pain and other gastrointestinal diseases. Mostly of them belong to the "disease from the mouth", including unhealthy irregulardiet, or food utensils are not clean.Children's feeding, mothers have to use a lot of special small "tableware", milk bottles, pacifiers, water cups, meal bowls and so on.To ensure the healthy growth of children, we must ensure the cleanliness of tableware, so children's tableware disinfection is naturally indispensable.Tableware disinfection, in fact, is the use of high temperature or chemical disinfectant to kill the bacteria and viruses on the tableware.There are also some families used to using chemical cleaners to disinfect, but, if the preparations contain disinfection ingredients, it may destroy the baby's intestinal flora, thus causing illness.


So, how to disinfect children's tableware?How long is it disinfected?


A. High temperature disinfection method: boiling water boiling disinfection (2-5 minutes), steam disinfection (steam cabinetdisinfection for 5-10 minutes).

B. Boiling method: clean the bottle according to the above steps before boiling, then put the bottle into the appropriate size and completely soak in water; heat the pot, boil until 100 °C for 5 minutes, finally clip the bottle with clean pliers and control the waterdry.

C. Children's tableware disinfection cabinet: The disinfection cabinet on market now is very professional, save time and worry, but the principle of the disinfection cabinet is also high temperature disinfection. Therefore, it is not suitable for plastic tableware, which is easy to produce odor and component decomposition.

If it is a baby under three months, a premature baby or a child with a weakened immune system, it is necessary to sterilize the feeding bottle and utensils every day.After each tableware cleaning is naturally best, but due to the limit of time and environmental conditions, children's tableware is generally used twice to be disinfected once.

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