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7 baking knowledges that new baking beginners must know

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As a baking enthusiast, you will definitely have some failure experiences. If you learn some baking skills from time to time, you may be able to avoid failure in your next baking process.

1. The flour must be sifted before use

Sifting can remove the lumps in the flour to ensure that it will not dry and agglomerate. At the same time, sieving can increase the air in the cake and make the cake more bulky.

2. The batter must be mixed evenly

The ingredients must be evenly mixed, and the batter should not be over-stirred. Excessive stirring will stir excess air into the batter and cause the cake to collapse. The method of mixing is also very important, mixing and cutting, so that the product will look good!


3. Baking molds should be powdered or oiled in advance

The oil-brushed mold can be demolded smoothly after baking and will not damage the shape of the product.

4. Choose the right baking mold

When choosing a mold, you must choose according to the amount of your own recipe. An inappropriate baking mold will either overflow the batter or form a huge mountain in the middle of the cake. If the mold is too small, you can install a few more. Don't waste the remaining batter. It can be used to make cupcakes. If the mold is too large, remember to reduce the baking time appropriately!


5. Oiled paper

If you want to bake a particularly soft cake, it is better to use a piece of oil paper, which is more convenient when you take the product.

6. Matters needing attention when baking

Remember to preheat the oven before baking. Never open the oven casually during the baking process, which will easily cause temperature fluctuations in the oven and eventually cause baking failure.

7. Eat the finished cake after cooling

Don't rush to eat the cake just out of the pan. First, it will affect the shape, and second, the cake will taste better after cooling.

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