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Cathylin has always advocated using a set of exquisite tableware to enhance people's experience of food. It is Catherine's pursuit that people can enjoy the dining time better or enjoy the cooking time more happily

The happiness of life comes from discovery, and also comes from the enjoyment and experience of daily beauty!

Cathylin has not only become a kitchen brand recognized by the market, but also represents people's pursuit of improving the dining experience. Katherine combines her own brand concept and products, making tableware into a product to improve the quality of life, so that more people can feel that their product experience is beautiful. Today, Catherine has a very comprehensive category of tableware, kitchen utensils, baking supplies, bar utensils and a series of products.
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    Making a dinner for the one you love, or enjoying a delicious meal with the one you love, should be the moment everyone will pursue. How to make your cooking simple and interesting 
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    For those who love to eat and cook, the kitchen is their paradise and the place they dream of making perfect. Therefore, Katherine hopes that through her constant innovation of products, more people will go into the kitchen and be willing to make a delicious dinner for the people she loves 。
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The founder of Cathylin ,Mrs.lin, Although the food culture of different people in different countries in the world is very different, people's pursuit of a good dining experience is common, that is, people hope that they can fully enjoy the happiness brought by food. When people enter a restaurant or share food with friends, the role of tableware becomes very important. A good set of tableware may make many people have a good mood before enjoying the food. As a woman, Mrs.Lin When I see very beautiful tableware, I hope I can collect them. Even if I don't use them, it will make people happy to put them at home as ornaments. At the same time, she can also fully appreciate the women's love for some small objects or the yearning for making some delicious food for their lovers. So at the beginning of her creation, Katherine wanted to make tableware into art, so that their tableware could meet the market demand from the exterior lighting design, functional experience, material standards and other aspects, and at the same time, it could bring very comfortable experience to the people who enjoy and make delicious food.
xl-2020-walmart-shopify-1 Innovation to meet the future

Provide products and services for more Amazon e-commerce sellers, Shopify e-commerce sellers, or some emerging food and kitchen products distributors, so as to bring them more convenience and benefits
Charitable-activities Reach out for charity, let love spread all over the world

Every year, Katherine also holds a large number of public welfare activities, donating products to some people in need, so as to help them improve their life experience
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